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Apply by LiquorLicense.com is an internet-based program designed to make getting your liquor license simple. We've done away with as much of the complexity as possible to give you the time to get back to what is important...running your business.

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Common questions

Do I need a liquor license?
If you plan to sell alcohol of any kind you are required by both Federal and State Law to get a liquor license.
Do you help with bartender's licenses?
No, LiquorLicense.com does not currently help our customers to obtain bartending licenses.
What do I need to get my liquor license?
Most states require applicants to have a location secured before applying for a liquor license. In some states this can even be your house.
How long is it going to take to get my liquor license?
The licensing process varies state by state. In certain states you can be up and operating within a week's time. Other states require as long as 6 months.
I have a criminal background, will this prevent me from getting a license?
In most instances having a criminal background does not prevent you from getting a liquor license. Depending on the offense it is possible that you will be denied.

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We guarantee that the forms on Apply by LiquorLicense.com are up to date and are government approved. If your application is denied because of any of the documents we will refund your payment.

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